Past Issues


Vol.28, No.2, 2014


  • Renaming Schizophrenia in Taiwan and in East Asian Countries
    Wen-Chen Ouyang, Yen Kuang Yang/
  • Suicide Prevention for Military Personnel
    Jin-Jia Lin/
  • Serendipitous Discovery of First Two Antidepressants
    Francisco López-Muñoz, Winston W. Shen, Cecilio Álamo, Ramón Cacabelos/


  • Research on Asian Prescription Patterns (REAP): Focusing on Data from Japan
    Shinfuku Naotaka/
  • DSM-5on Epidemiological and Genetic Studies of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Taiwan
    Luke Y. Tsai/

Original Articles

  • Cytokines, Treatment Responses, and Body Weight Changes in Major Depressive Patients Treated with Antidepressants
    Chin-Chuen Lin, Chien-Te Lee, Tiao-Lai Huang/
  • Depressive and Cognitive Symptoms and Psychiatric Comorbidity of Taiwanese Patients with Machado–Joseph Disease
    Chih-Wan Huang, Chia-Yih Liu, Chin-Song Lu, Yeong-Yuh Juang/
  • Cut-off Values of Five-item Brief Symptom Rating Scale in Evaluating Suicidality among Military Recruits
    Chin-Chao Ma, Yueh-Ming Tai/
  • Effects of Short-term Exercise Intervention on Metabolic Features and Bone Mineral Density in Patients with Serious Mental Illnesses
    Mei Hung Chi, Wei Hung Chang, Hsin Chun Tsai, Yen Kuang Yang, Ru-Band Lu, Po See Chen/

Letters to the Editor

  • Psychosis Associated with Ephedra-containing Cough Syrup
    Mao-Hsiu Hua, Yi-Hang Chiu, Winston W. Shen/
  • Paliperidone Palmitate for Obsessive-compulsive Symptoms in a Patient with Schizophrenia: An Alternative Choice?
    Yun-Shih Lin, Kuo-Tung Chiang, Yueh-Ming Tai/
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