Past Issues


Vol.29, No.1, 2015


  • A New SOP for Future Reviewers:Time Is Everything
    Winston W. Shen/
  • Name Change for Dementia inFar East Asian Countries
    Wen-Chen Ouyang, Yen Kuang Yang/
  • Cigarette Smoking Remains a Burning Issue in Risperidone Use for Patients with Psychosis
    Weng-Kin Tam, Winston W. Shen/


  • Depressive Disorders among Adolescents
    Chen-Chia Lan, Chia-Chien Liu, Ying-Sheue Chen/

Original Articles

  • A Study of Medical Resource Expenditure in Early-stage Breast Cancer Patients with Type D Personality
    Chi-Wen Tu, Chia-Ling Lei, Chun-Feng Wei, Ying-Ray Lee, King-Teh Lee/
  • Frequency of Early and Late-onset Dementias in a Taiwanese Dementia Clinic: First Report on the Lin-Shin Dementia Registry Project
    Pai-Yi Chiu, Chun-Tang Tsai, Ping-Kun Chen, Yen-Liang Liu, Te-Jen Lai/
  • Risk Factors for Natural Death in Elderly Psychiatric Male Patients with Long-stay Care
    Kan-Yuan Cheng, Tsung-Hsueh Lu, Tzu-Ting Chen,Yang-An Chuang, Jen-Yeu Chen, Chao-Cheng Lin/
  • The Reliability and Validity of the Modifi ed Chinese Version of the Opiate Treatment Index
    Sun-Yuan Chou, Hung-Yu Chan/

Letters-to-the Editor

  • Hyperthyroidism-related Schizophrenia-like Patient
    Wei-Che Lin/
  • Anemia Secondary to Valproic Acid in a Female Patient with Schizoaffective Disorder
    Chen-Yu Wang, Ching-Ming Cheng, Ming-Shun Chung/
  • The Rôle of Psychiatric Treatment on Burning Mouth Syndrome:A Case Report
    Horng-Maw Chen, Chung-Hung Lee, Tso-Jen Wang, Ching-Ming Cheng/
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