Past Issues


Vol.28, No.1, 2014


  • The Taiwanese Journal of Psychiatry Welcomes Submission of Letters-to-the Editor
    Winston W. Shen/
  • From “Focusing on Access, Quality and Humane Care in 2014” to “Bridging Asia to the World in 2015”
    Frank Huang-Chih Chou/
  • A Commentary on Air Pollutants and Suicide
    Chia-Ming Chang/


  • Depression Precedes Dementia: Shared Common Etiologies, Cause, or Prodrome
    Cheng-Sheng Chen/

Original Articles

  • Construct Validity of the Quality of Life for Patients with Schizophrenia
    Shu-Chun Lee, Jin-Ding Lin, En-Chi Chiu, For-Wey Lung/
  • Effects of Psychopathology on the Characteristics of Individuals with Self-reported Electromagnetic Field Hypersensitivity
    Mei-Chih Meg Tseng, Yi-Ping Lin, Tsun-Jen Cheng/
  • Air Pollutants and Suicide Rate: A Cross-sectional Time Series Analysis
    Jui-Feng Tsai/
  • Test-retest Reliability and Minimal Detectable Change of Chu’s Attention Test in Persons with Chronic Schizophrenia
    Posen Lee, Chin-Hsuan Liu, Hung-Yu Lin, Yen-Lin Chen, Wen-Shian Lu, Ching-Lin Hsieh/

Brief Report

  • Sleep Perception and Mood in Insomnic Patients
    Theodoros Mazarakis, Nai-Yen Wang/

Letters to the Editor

  • Malingering and Malingering by Proxy in an Adult Patient: The Need for Inpatient Forensic Evaluation
    Shing-Rung Tzeng, Chiung-Hsu Chen, Happy Kuy-Lok Tan/
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