Past Issues


Vol.28, No.3, 2014


  • Hasegawa Dementia Scales: What’s in a Name?
    Masatoshi Takeda/
  • Psychiatric Education and Humanity Care: Program Features of the 53rd TSOP Annual Meeting
    Yen Kuang Yang/


  • Research and Practice in Youth Mental Health: An Australian Perspective
    Helen Herrman, Sherilyn Goldstone, Patrick McGorry/

Original Articles

  • Comparison between Fixed-dosed Therapy and Symptom-triggered Therapy for Alcohol Detoxification in a Psychiatric Setting
    Chiung-Yueh Fan, Chiao-Chicy Chen, Ming-Chi Huang/
  • Validation of Five Short Versions of the Geriatric Depression Scale in the Elder Population in Taiwan
    Wei-Chih Chin, Chia-Yih Liu, Chin-Pang Lee, Chun-Lin Chu/
  • The Revised Hasegawa’s Dementia Scale (HDS-R) as a Screening Tool for Delirium
    Pei-Jung Chen, Chia-Yih Liu, Yeong-Yuh Juang/
  • Service-related Factors Associated with the Risk of Readmission after Discharge from Psychiatric Hospitalization–Data from Large Psychiatric Hospital in Northern Taiwan
    Chih-Ming Lin, Chung-Yi Li/

Letters to the Editor

  • Valproate-olanzapine-nifedipine Interaction Related Pedal Edema
    Yu-Shi Lu, Ching-Hua Lin, Li-Shiu Chou/
  • Erythema Multiforme Induced by Lithium: A Case Report
    Ya-Cheng Wang, Tzu-Chin Lin, Shu-Han Yu/
  • Tics Induced by Mirtazapine in a Young Patient
    Yao-Wen Liu, Yueh-Ming Tai, Yu-Ming Cheng/
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