Past Issues


Vol.28, No.4, 2014


  • A Minireview of ADHD Pharmacotherapy
    Shen-Chieh Chang/


  • Psychiatric Interventions in National Disasters: The Rôle of Psychiatrists for Survivor Victims in the Sewol Ferry Accident
    Min-Soo Lee/
  • A Roller Coaster from Methamphetamine to Ketamine
    Ming-Chyi Huang, Shih-Ku Lin, Chih-Ken Chen/

Original Articles

  • Ethnicity Composition and Altitude on Suicide: A Spatial Analysis of Data from Taiwan
    Vincent Chin-Hung Chen, Robert Stewart, Mei-Hing Ng, Charles Tzu-Chi Lee/
  • Cognitive Function and Perceived Social Support among Healthy Individuals: Does the Sex Matter?
    Yuan-Yun Hsueh, Shih-Hsien Lin, Po See Chen, Kao Chin Chen, I Hui Lee, Tzung Lieh Yeh, Ru-Band Lu, Yen Kuang Yang/
  • The Relationship between Attachment Style and Internet Addictive Behaviors
    Shih-Ming Li, I-Mei Lin/
  • Re-hospitalization Rates and Associated Risk Factors in Schizophrenia and Affective Disorder Patients at a Local Mental Hospital in Taiwan
    Ping-Tao Tseng, Wei-Lun Chung, Chih-Hua Chang, Yi-Chung Chang, Pao-Yen Lin, Ching-Kuan Wu/

Letters to the Editor

  • Improvement of Tardive Dyskinesia and Tardive Dystonia in a Schizophrenic Female Patient Using Low-dose Aripiprazole
    Feng-Chin Chung, Wei-Lun Chung, Hung-Yu Wang, Yu-Shian Cheng, Ching-Kuan Wu, Yu Lee, Ping-Tao Tseng/
  • Refeeding Syndrome in Schizophrenia
    Wei-Hao Lin, Po-Han Chou, Chih-Chien Lin, Chin-Hong Chan/
  • Major Frontotemporal Neurocognitive Disorder Mimicking Bipolar Disorder
    Hui-Hsien Hsiao, Wen-Chen Ouyang/
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